Warning, Please Read, Blog Post.

Warning, please read!

Hello people! So, you may already know about the difference in size when it comes to a microsim and a nanosim. If you don’t, a microsim is the normal standard sim card that has been around since phones began whereas a nanosim is tiny, it is the new sim and as everything seems to get smaller as technology gets better, they also managed to do that with the sims too!

So, like me, you may have switched phones and upgraded for a better one from your previous phone but instead of buying or ordering a new sim, you just brought an adapter to get your nanosim to fit in to make it the size of your microsim. Sounds easy and risk free, piece of cake, right?

Do you know just how important it is to buy a sim adapter from a known retailer? If you buy offline from a website you have never heard of or maybe you buy off the market or ebay, you don’t know how risky it can be when you are putting that into your phone, it can be very dangerous!

Sim adapters that aren’t from known brands can actually ruin and break your phone! They can get stuck if they aren’t the right size (a manufacturing fault that would not be made by well-known companies) and can also actually stop the phone from working and won’t allow it to ever work again resulting in you needing a new phone! So when buying a sim adapter, please make sure that you know where you are buying it from and it is safe to put into your phone!

Thanks —- Dan

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