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Lets get this going

Welcome to, the go to place for sim adapters & micro sim adapters information.

This site is non profit and is purely to share my wealth of knowledge about sim adapters. I will always do my very best to respond to quires ASAP but due to other commitments and a full time job so please bare with me.

My names is Dan Jobs and my background is in design & technology, back at school i remember it as D.T. I am a creative kinda guy and honestly get great pleasure in helping others, hence microsimadapter. I have self taught myself many skills since the age of sixteen and that has been my life pretty much on from their, I’ve never been much of a socialite while others were out getting crunk i was the kid who stayed at home to gain a wealth of knowledge in design and technology.

That’s it for my first post stay tunes for my next post where i’ll be doing a review about the latest sim adapter to hit the market in 2016.

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